What are Zkittlez weed seeds?

Zkittlez is an Indica dominant strain which is a hybrid of Grape Ape (an indica strain) and Grapefruit (a Sativa strain) that is crossed with an undisclosed strain. 3rd Gen family and Terp Hogz develop this strain. Zkittlez strain was declared the winner of 2015 Cannabis cup and 2016 Emerald cup. It has a moderate level of THC of 19-23 %.

What are its effects?

Zkittlez has a moderate level of THC, which gives you a reasonable high feeling without feeling much adverse effect of it. Ideal to be used at any time of the day, it gives users euphoric feeling and makes them happy. When the impact of the strain starts to wear off, users will feel sleepy. This strain also helps to increase focus, which helps in doing tasks efficiently. Zkittlez is also called skittles or skittlez by many users.

Is it tough to grow this strain?

This strain is very easy to grow and it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It needs a lot of sunlight to grow, irrespective of the place where it is grown. Zkittlez is not suitable to gown in areas where there is lots of rain and humidity. This strain is resistant to molds and mildew.

What yield can you expect?

When Zkittlez seeds are grown indoors, it gives a yield of 13oz per plant and it has a flowering time of about seven to eight weeks.

When grown outdoors, these seeds give a yield of 17oz per plant — the general harvesting time of these plants in early October.

These plants are up to 60 inches in length

What are its medicinal benefits?

Zkittlez has an uplifting effect and it makes users happy, which alleviates the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Although it is Indica dominant strain, it helps people in relaxation, which makes it ideal for coping with stress. It gives a euphoric effect as well, which increases the positive thoughts. It is also helpful to people suffering from chronic pain. Many companies are there in Canada,

Are there any side effects?

Zkittlez has some side effects as well, depending upon the type of hybrid you are taking. The common side effects are dry eyes and dry/itchy eyes. People who smoke the weed made from this strain might feel dizzy and in some rare cases, some people might feel little anxious as well. Anxiety occurs in those people who are less experienced or fresh weed takers.

Where to buy Zkittlez strain?

You can buy this strain either from a dispensary or online store; both has its set of benefits. Many companies’ offer skittles weed seeds for sale online on their websites.

Skittles weed seeds for sale in online mode have benefits like low prices, a wide variety of strains and private method of buying.