Snoring Chin Strap – An Anti Snoring Aid for Complete Peace


When looking for a snoring solution, many people forget, or don’t know about, an anti-snoring chin strap. It’s such a simple device which maintains your lower jaw in place while you sleep. Here, you’ll discover how it works and why it might be an effective snoring solution for you.

But let’s first look to see why an anti-snoring device like this can actually help with your problem…

Snoring occurs when your airways are partially blocked by the soft tissue in them. This can happen when you lie in a prone position, for example when you are asleep in bed. And it occurs because, when you are asleep, your muscles and soft tissue in and around your airways relax, and you have no conscious control over them.

They can relax to such an extent that, depending on a number of other considerations, they can fall into your airways and partially block them. This leaves your airways with a much restricted area for the air to flow through as you breathe during sleep.

Under these conditions the air becomes ‘turbulent’ i.e. doesn’t flow smoothly, which can then cause your soft tissue to vibrate. This causes the sounds you know as snoring.

Now, as I mentioned above, there are other considerations to take into account when snoring, things like your weight, whether you ate a very late meal, whether you had alcohol before bed, if you sleep on your back, do you have nasal allergies, etc. And, by tackling these other issues you can also treat your snoring problem.

But, even taking those into account, a core reason for snoring may be that as you sleep your lower jaw drops away from your top jaw. And, especially if you prefer to sleep on your back, this can put pressure on your throat and allow your tongue to fall backwards, restricting your airway even more. If you could prevent this happening, then your chances of snoring would be diminished.

And this is where the snoring chin strap comes in. By wearing it at night, your chin (lower jaw) is supported in its proper place so that it doesn’t drop and neither does your tongue, which is attached to your lower jaw. And the aid is comfortable to wear and not obtrusive. All leading to a good night’s sleep and no snoring, or, at the very least much less snoring.

Now, as I hinted at above, depending on the underlying causes of your snoring, the anti snoring chin strap might not work as well for you as for others. You just need to give it a try to find out.

But, there are many other anti snoring aids on the market, such as snore pillows, snoring mouthpieces, nasal strips, sprays, etc. These are certainly worth your consideration too.

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