Not only is sleep apnea a serious disorder that affects your breathing while you are asleep, other factors can also affect your sleep. Once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea your physician has probably recommended that you sleep with a sleep apnea machine on during nocturnal hours. Imagine the straps, the mask, etc and how uncomfortable they can be. Your sleep will be disturbed just by the feel of the mask and apparatus alone. This is why it is advisable that you purchase a sleep apnea pillow.

Yes, that’s right. There are specifically designed pillows that will help you out in this department. They are designed just for you, the person who has to wear the facial apparatus to help make you as comfortable as possible while you are sleeping.

The Sleep Apnea Pillow

A regular pillow can get in the way during your sleep and interfere with the straps, the hose, etc of your sleep apnea machine. By using a sleep apnea pillow, you will find that your sleep will be less interrupted. It does not matter whether you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach, these pillows will work to help accommodate the dreadful machine and you.

Some of the manufacturer’s of the sleep issue pillows offer either memory foam or polyester with removable covers. The hose is attached to the pillow to where it removes the weight off of the mask and allows you to be more comfortable and to switch positions easier than you ever could if you do not use the sleep apnea pillow. There are several different manufacturers of the pillow and they offer different price ranges. You can purchase a sleep apnea pillow for as little as less than $30 to as much as $100.

Unless you just absolutely don’t mind to be interrupted while sleeping, it would be best if you would consider buying a sleep disease pillow. You will find that it will make a world of difference in your sleep and you will feel like you are better rested come the next morning. With a regular pillow, the mask can become pressed against your face, which would not only be uncomfortable but also can cause distortion in the mask, which in turn, can result in leaks. This is not healthy for your treatment of sleep disease. To better ensure that you are receiving the proper treatment while you are sleeping, a sleep disease pillow is the way to go.

The sleep disease pillows usually work will all styles and brands of masks, machines and hoses, so getting the right pillow that will work with your machine will not be a problem. You could endure the dreaded night’s sleep that you have been getting in the past since you started your sleep disease treatments or you could begin to get a better night’s sleep by using a pillow that is specifically designed for people like you who have to wear the mask and the hoses whenever you go to bed for the evening.

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