Resveratrol Supplements – How Do You Get the Best Quality and Value For Your Money?


Resveratrol supplements have greatly increased in popularity, due to widespread media coverage of the latest research. But, if you buy the right nutritional supplement, you can get the resveratrol benefits and a whole lot more.

I’m not the kind of person that likes to take a lot of different pills. I also want the best value for my money. I realize the importance of getting all of the vitamins and minerals that I need every day, so I have always taken a good multi-vitamin.

There have been many scientific studies over the years concerning the benefit of unique lesser-known nutrients and plant extracts. Resveratrol supplements are just one of the nutrients that have been studied.

Green tea, ginger, gingko biloba, rice bran, L-carnosine, SAM-e, ATP, DMG and lycopene are just some of the uniquely beneficial ingredients that may be present in some of the foods that you eat, but often are not.

To date, most of the resveratrol benefits to humans have been assumed because of laboratory or animal experiments. You may have heard it advertised as an anti-aging compound. The research behind that claim was conducted using yeast, mice or short-lived fish.

Whether or not we human beings will experience a longer life by taking this compound won’t be known until years down the road, if ever. But, if it can’t hurt, why not try it?

Other resveratrol benefits have to do with the compounds anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory activity. It has been shown to decrease blood sugar levels and may help prevent heart disease. One of the important applications is in the area of toxic heavy metal removal.

Resveratrol supplements and others like them have the ability to “cleanse” the body’s organs, including the liver. In modern society, exposure to small amounts of hazardous heavy metals goes on without our knowledge.

Lead, for example, is in the air around factories that make batteries. In the US, the EPA would like for factories to reduce the amount that they emit, but so far, they have had only limited success.

Lead and other heavy metals build up in the liver, the brain and the vascular system. This build-up creates a burden on the body and leads to chronic diseases, particularly in the elderly. One of the resveratrol benefits, is to help prevent those diseases by removing the toxins.

But if you’re like me, you’ll choose a multi-ingredient supplement, rather than single-ingredient resveratrol supplements. That’s certainly the best value for your money.

If you want the most effective supplement, one that is readily available for your body to use, you’ll look for a manufacturer that uses an enteric coating. Not only does this prevent stomach upset, it also insures that the nutrients will make it into the upper intestine, where they can be absorbed. This allows you to get the most resveratrol benefits with the least amount of effort.

Like any nutritional supplement, the quality of resveratrol supplements varies. The manufacturer should test each raw ingredient for potency and purity, as well as the final batch, and aim to guarantee quality to their customers.

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