Owner’s Guide to Hypothyroidism in Iguanas


The thyroid gland is accountable for developing hormones that control a variety of bodily capabilities.  Iguana hypothyroidism occurs any time there just isn’t enough iodine.  With out adequate iodine, the thyroid gland is not able to operate appropriately.  So, what just brings about this ailment.

Result in

Hypothyroidism in iguanas is brought about by the presence of also several substances that stop the physique from using iodine thoroughly.  These chemical compounds, referred to as goitrogens, are existing in a wide variety of foodstuff.  Some of the most popular foods consist of brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, and kale.


If your lizard is struggling from this disease, he will display screen a vary of signs or symptoms.  The most popular signal is inactivity or common lethargy.  He will also in all probability experience slow growth.  The thyroid gland will finally commence to swell soon after working improperly for the although.  This will result in your iguana to establish a goiter, or swollen neck.

Also, most iguanas that have hypothyroidism are extremely tame and easy to tackle.  If your usually intense iggie all of a sudden becomes tame for no apparent purpose, this affliction could be the problem. 


Thankfully, iguana hypothyroidism is a pretty straightforward problem to deal with.  You basically have to decrease the volume of food items with goitrogens that you feed your lizard.  It would be greatest to eliminate these food items altogether, but reducing them will have a favourable outcome also.  It is really typically not needed for your iguana to have to acquire iodine dietary supplements.


Hypothyroidism in iguanas is uncomplicated to prevent.  You just have to stay away from feeding your iguana the aforementioned meals that consist of goitrogens.  Despite the fact that you will not have to stop feeding them altogether, you should really only feed them once in a while.

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