How to Stop Stuttering Using the Passive Air Flow Technique


I’m a former stutterer that knows first hand just how difficult and frustrating having a stuttering problem can be. Many people don’t understand just how hard learning how to stop stuttering can really be. They think anybody can simply get over this speech impairment with just the right strength of character. Because of this, they label us as weak and nervous wrecks and tend to look down on us. However, I know that this is not the case! Although, learning how to stop stuttering is by all means not an easy task. It is in fact possible, and so I have written this article to teach you about the passive air flow technique developed by Dr. Martin Schwartz.

Dr. Schwartz discovered this technique by interviewing several people who were able to overcome their stuttering problem. While conducting these interviews, he met someone that told him that he did not stutter while smoking. Schwartz asked him to demonstrate, and so the man lit up a cigarette and exhaled some smoke and began to speak.

At first, he simply dismissed it as a psychological distraction. Later it soon hit him though, that the answer was actually in the flow of the exhale.

So in short, this is how the “Passive Air Flow Technique” works.

1. Before you begin to speak, briefly exhale.

2. Halfway through your exhale, say the first word of the sentence that you want to speak.

You can then continue on to finish your sentence because as you exhale, you are relaxing your larynx and Valsalva mechanism.

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