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How to keep an erection without pills

How to Last Longer in Bed, Naturally

Millions of men around the world have to face embarrassing situations in front of their partners because of their inability to achieve a hard and stable erection during sexual intercourse. Men are hesitant to talk about this but Erectile dysfunction is a very common disorder with over 50% of the male population above the age of 50 years facing frequent issues. 

Mild cases of ED can be treated without the use of ED medicines. This can be done by making minor lifestyle changes in the direction of achieving a healthy body. Some of these lifestyle changes are discussed below. 

  1. Wholesome diet. 

A healthy balanced diet can be beneficial in the treatment of many diseases and disorders including ED. Your daily diet should be sufficient enough to fulfil all body demands especially if you are suffering from some kind of nutrient or vitamin deficiency. Some things you should keep in mind while planning your diet to fight ED are mentioned below. 

  • Avoid processed food.

A lot of processed food not only contain high amounts of bad fats but also contain chemical preservatives. You must avoid eating processed foods as much as possible. 

  • Omega fatty acids

Hormone production in our body required good fats and which means eating good fats will not only decrease the levels of bad cholesterol but will also boost your testosterone production. 

  • Balanced diet.

Try to incorporate a variety of fresh fruits, vegetable and dairy products into your diet. This will ensure that you get all the nutrients required for proper body functioning. 

  • Increase nitrogenous intake. 

This can be done by either taking nitrogen-rich foods like meat, egg and milk or by taking diet supplements. This will help in improving blood circulation to various parts of the body. 

  1. Eliminate Tobacco

Tobacco consumption is very bad for your cardiovascular health as it increases the risk of clot formation in blood vessels. It restricts the flow of blood in veins and arteries which can develop into much serious health issues like erectile dysfunction. If you are looking for ways to treat ED without having to use any medicines, you should consider stopping tobacco consumption and replacing it with a better habit. 

  1. Exercise regularly. 

Being active is very good for our overall health. Not only it improves our strength but also ensures the proper functioning of body organs. Exercising can improve your sexual performance in the following manner

  • It improves our cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of clot development in the vessels. Doing cardiovascular exercises that increase heart rate for a short period is very beneficial for our stamina and improves body functioning. 
  • Doing resistance training or weight lifting triggers the production of a male sex hormone called testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for regulating muscle strength, sexual desire and is also involves in sperm production. Increased levels of testosterone production will make you muscular and also improve blood circulation. 
  1. Get enough sleep. 

Our body is not a machine and it requires proper rest to function properly. Not getting the proper amount of sleep can be a cause of the improper erection. You should make a daily routine which gives proper attention to an 8-hour sleep. Your aim must be to create a healthy sleep environment. 

The above-mentioned way can help you only in cases of mild or moderate erection issues. However, if you are facing severe ED, these approaches can be insufficient. Thankfully, the last few decades have witnessed huge advancements in the field of medicinal science which have made the treatment of ED very convenient and efficient. 

How do ED medications work?

These tablets work by increasing the blood supply to certain parts of the body and imparting relaxant action on penile muscles. This has a combined effect in ensuring the proper filling of blood in the penis during erection.  

A variety of ED medicines are available in the market and Cenforce, Vidalista, Fildena are some of the trusted names. There are generic medicines that are made with the intent to make ED treatment more assessable and cost-effective. These pills will allow you to treat ED and fulfil your sexual desires without burning holes in your pocket. You can order them from online shopping platforms and get them delivered right to your doorstep. If ED is acting as a barrier between you and your sexual desires, these medicines will help you by bridging this gap.