Grow Taller With Hypnosis – Is it Possible?


Many of you who are reading this article right now, who are gazing at the words as they pass by your awareness, are looking for tips to grow taller, and you just might have come to the right place. Somewhere you have heard that the mind is a powerful organ, and that it is capable of doing so many things for our bodies. If you area regular reader of the mind and epigenetics, then you are already aware at how the mind can influence the body-blood flow, cell growth, brand new cells, etc. Is there a grow taller secret? Perhaps hypnosis can provide the answer.

Thanks to many in the field of neuroscience and epigenetics, we have found that the body and the mind are indeed linked. In fact, the mind has been shown to affect every cell in our body. When we think a negative thought, negative emotions fill our body and the function of our immune system decreases. When we think a positive thought, love and light fill our emotional selves, and our immune system increases. In meditation and hypnosis, we found that those who regulalry meditate or perform self hypnosis have a stronger interior cortex within the brain, showing better memory, cognition and attention. This shows that with pure thought cells can change.

One study showed that those who imagined exercising a part of their body grew muscle in that part of their body without even performing any physical exercise. How is this possible, and why do they not teach this in schools? These studies show that there is a direct link between the mind and the body, and shows promise for hypnosis exercises to grow taller. What can you do, at this exact moment in front of your computer screen, to make yourself taller? A simple tip and exercise to grow taller is outlined below.

First, make sure you are in an area where you will not be disturbed. This will ensure adequate relaxation needed to access the inner mind to create growth within the body. Then, close your eyes. Closing your eyes separates you from the outside world and provides you a window into your inside world. Start focusing on your breathing. Let it come in slowly and deeply, and let it out in the same way. Let your breathing become rhythmic and slow, as this will relax you deeply. Relaxing your body in turn relaxes your mind, making it much easier to go into your mind to create cellular change.

Start to relax every muscle in your body, now, and let this relaxation phase go on for about five minutes. You can even be doing this in front of the computer, right now, or wait to find a more comfortable place. Just make sure you can fully relaxed. Once you reach a state of relaxation, imagine or visualize every cell in your body. Tell these cells to grow your body, to make it longer and taller. Provide the cells with the information it needs to grow your body, and see the cells performing their work. Creating new, healthy cells, growing and multiplying, making a healthy, taller body.

Self hypnosis can be more powerful when you actually have a therapist with you, in person or on CD, so that an exterior voice can guide your through the session. However, some people enjoy doing it alone. You can use this visualization any time you like, and be sure to visualize or imagine this same exercise to grow taller naturally for about 5 to 10 minutes. You might even be able to perform this hypnosis session for height increase even longer than this. In this case, the longer the better. Have fun with this, as it might lead to a different and healthier way of seeing your body.

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