It’s been gaining a lot of buzz lately, but many people still don’t know what feminization hypnosis is or even what it does. The technique is one that’s hot among transvestites, the transgendered and transsexuals for helping them most accurately adopt the persona of the woman trapped inside their male bodies.

Feminization hypnosis is, at its heart, nothing more than regular hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis, however, does not seek to teach a patient to live life without overeating, smoking or some other vice. Instead, feminization hypnosis seeks to break down the psychological barriers that prevent a man trapped in a woman’s body from truly becoming a woman.

While surgery can alter appearance of a transgendered man, the act of feminization hypnosis knocks down the psychological impediments. Years of hearing from a negative society that transgendered behavior is “bad,” “unnatural” or “undesirable” can leave even a man that knows the process of becoming a woman is the only right and natural thing for him to do reluctant to take the final plunge on his own. Feminization hypnosis can help with this.

The process of feminization hypnosis works much like any other form of hypnosis. During a session or even during a recorded session, a therapist will help the patient enjoy a state of total relaxation. Whether it’s using voice or imagery, feminization hypnosis works best when the patient is fully relaxed and receptive to suggestions on the subconscious level.

Once a patient has reached this point, a therapist or even a recorded therapy session, will then move on to making the suggestions that help make feminization hypnosis famous. The goal of feminization hypnosis is to help a person think, act and react like a woman. Feminization hypnosis unlocks what’s inside that’s been dying to come out while also working to undo any impediments a patient might be feeling from years of societal input.

While a man might know deep inside he was meant to be a woman, learning the subtle things that make a woman a woman can be difficult after years of living as a male. Feminization hypnosis can fast-track the learning.

Where surgery can help fix the outside, taking on the emotional and behavioral aspects of a woman is generally a process that takes a lifetime to learn. For those who need to make this process happen to truly get on and enjoy their lives, feminization hypnosis has been having some very positive results.

By helping a man unlock his mind and relearn behavior and reactions, feminization hypnosis can be very beneficial to helping a person truly break free from the past and get on with the new. The technique itself might take several sessions to have lasting effects, but many report feminization hypnosis has some big benefits.

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