Deer Antler Velvet – A Sexual and Reproductive Tonic for Gals?


When deer antler velvet extract “pantocrin” is regarded as the top primal tonic for men, in Russia it is extensively approved for ladies, specially in managing menstrual complications and decreasing the outcomes of menopause.

Western drugs promotes hormonal replacement treatment (HRT) for ladies at menopause, which administers lower doses of oestrogen to females in purchase to compensate for the dramatic fall in the amount of oestrogen being produced by the ovaries. It is a contentious therapy, with reports exhibiting that in the limited term HRT may address the depleting consequences of menopause but as studies clearly show, it could unleash considerably better health risks this kind of as thrombosis and uterine cancer afterwards in everyday living.

Women of all ages in search of less invasive strategies to accurate hormonal difficulties in the course of menopause, which can be a time of extreme physical and psychological distress, might be happy to uncover out that in Russia pantocrin and rantarin [deer velvet extracts] are formally advised for menopausal problems, as nicely as for delayed and irregular menstrual cycles.

Fulder states, “Pantocrin [deer velvet extract] was identified as being quite handy in minimized sexual operate and menopausal conditions of circulation, in depression and psychological issues, and discomfort in the joints.” Fulder proceeds that some of the menopausal girls medicated in this way with deer velvet even commenced to menstrate.

Brekhman said: “A amount of reports significantly pressured the therapeutic impact of pantocrin [antler velvet extract] in many forms of sexual intercourse-connected ailments in guys and females, in particular connected with climacteric syndrome.”

Females having deer velvet have reported reduced signs of pre-menstrual syndrome, even to the position wherever intervals happen with no soreness. They have also documented heightened sexual desire, an depth of erotic desires, and a feeling of getting in contact with reserves of essential strength. This makes deer velvet a quite attractive sex tonic for ladies.

Though Pantocrin [antler velvet extract] administered to juvenile male mice prompted an enlargement of their reproductive glands, similar experiments have been carried out in Russia by Brekhman and Taneyeva to analysis the gonadotrophic motion of pantocrin on feminine mice. From these experiments an increase was verified in the excess weight of the intercourse glands of the researched mice. and also an enhanced depend of oestrus cycles.

Whether or not the effect is on gentleman or female, deer velvet antler seems to have a considerable strengthening and balancing affect on the hormones. As Teeguarden states, “pantocrin has been verified to be valuable to fat burning capacity, to the heart, central anxious technique and brain, to the reproductive method.”

For 1000’s of years Chinese females have been recommended deer antler velvet for very low libido and “female reproductive debility”. Chinese girls use antler velvet to increase fertility, then while expecting to increase the wellbeing of mom and baby. They take deer velvet throughout childbirth to aid in the baby’s shipping and delivery, and afterwards as a general tonic to boost breast delicate manufacturing and restore and rejuvenate the mother’s electrical power and health and fitness.

In combination with purely natural natural blood tonics like dong quai, deer velvet is an significant addition to the woman’s pharmacopeia.

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