Using tobacco

My exploration on cigarettes started in 1998. I referred to as Brown and Williamson and personally requested a listing of ingredients. You know, it behooves me that people (smokers) could smoke a product that does not even listing the elements on the package deal, but when you comprehend how lots of substances go into cigarettes, then it makes sense and will become easy to understand why the ingredients are not on the box. There are about 700 elements in 1 one cigarette, together with a new pressure of genetically engineered tobacco with a nicotine level ten moments greater in potency than standard nicotine caffeine, sugar, salt, rum, alcoholic beverages, codeine, menthanol (rocket fuel), and uric acid (sure, they even use piss or pee).

Most smokers will not know it, but the cigarette papers are dipped in opium (the genuine addictive agent of cigarettes). However, 1 component between the other 700+ truly stands out. This ingredient is “Civet Cat Complete.” Now what in the hell is civet cat complete? Well, as a researcher, I did the investigation and was stunned and astonished to obtain out that civet cat complete is an umbrella phrase for a liquid that is obtained from the rectum of the civet cat. What is this ingredient utilized for? A single purpose is that it is a pheromone. Pheromone affects behavior in particular mammalian species. Why does pheromone have to be in cigarettes? Your guess is as very good as mine.

Each and every time you place a cigarette into your mouth, symbolically you are putting a white male phallic image into your mouth. It is a power issue. Certainly, cigarettes symbolize the white male phallic (cigars characterize the black man’s penis). Cigarettes ended up established in portion by Sigmund Freud’s nephew in a marketing campaign to make ladies sense liberated and powerful. Electricity is a male attribute.

In addition to the ability detail, cigarettes also help women to get rid of body weight by significantly impairing appetite. Why is Virginia Slims promoted only to women below the slogan, “It’s a woman issue”? Because subliminally, the initial concept is: Virginia (a feminine name) is trim (skinny). The ultimate subliminal information (to girls) is: Virginia Slims can enable you stay slender by smoking cigarettes this unique brand. You see, obesity, bodyweight loss, currently being slim or slim is a feminine preoccupation in this place, consequently the slogan, “It is a woman’s point.”

“He who smokes is a going for walks billboard advertising and marketing himself as idiot to the environment!”

For the sake of our environment and human health and fitness, specially our youth – halt becoming a weakling and an fool who smokes.

The legislation of reciprocity is nowhere to be uncovered in smoking cigarettes cigarettes or anything at all else.

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