Best Way to Quit Smoking – Natural Stop Smoking Products


There are many anti smoking products available in the market that promises to help you quit smoking forever. But most of them are not viable and are found to be scam. Choosing the best way to quit smoking has always been different.

There are many drugs and chemicals flooding the market, it has become difficult for a smoker to choose proper anti smoking agent to stop his smoking habit. Artificial and natural, both terms are having equal importance.

Artificial anti smoking agents are like stop smoking pills, laser therapies etc.

Natural smoking therapies are like hypnosis. Most smokers often think natural stop smoking treatment do not work as well as pills and drugs. However, most stop smoking patches and pills contains nicotine and it still makes it hard for you to give up smoking entirely.

While natural methods are entirely different from drugs, they involve fewer side effects. Some of the popular natural agents which cure and put a stop to smoking are as follows

– Herbal methods

– Hypnotherapy

– Cold Turkey

Herbal Methods – St Johns wort is an herbal method which is anti depressant. This herb acts as a boon for smokers; it helps in lessening the cravings. It works on brain by increasing the levels of dopamine.

When people put a stop to smoking, the nicotine drug acts on the human brain causing depression to it, but when natural therapy is applied, it acts and removes this nicotine influence on the brain.

Hypnotherapy is also a psychological treatment which has the ability to give permanent solution to a smoker. This treatment is not like an ordinary magic trick, it is used only by famous and good hypnotherapists, they hypnotize a person and remove habit of the smoking from his brain.

They clear the sub conscious mind which is responsible for smoking habits. Hypnotherapy can help a person to achieve permanent stop to his smoking habit.

Cold turkey is a natural way used for reducing smoking habit of most of the people. Cold turkey asks a person to have a strong will power.

Though it is the most natural way to give up smoking and the most effective, it is not always easy to resist the urge to smoke. Picking up a sport or replacing cigarettes with sweets can help though.

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