5 Excellent Tips for a Successful Yoga Teacher Training


If you are just about to head for your yoga instructor training and thinking that you will certainly return as a skilled and proficient yoga teacher. You may be wrong!

As just by simply getting enrolled in renowned educational institutions of the world not necessarily will turn you into a successful person, in the same way, completing your 200- hour yoga teacher training course from a renowned yoga school will not turn into a successful yoga instructor.
For a successful yoga teacher training, rather than just being totally dependent and reliant on your mentors, One needs to be completely dedicated, committed and put their efforts as well.

Here are 5 tips you need to follow to make your 200-hour yoga instructor training successful:

1. Proper Time Management: Because of the comprehensive curriculum, a yoga teacher training has a very compact and heavy schedule. To get a humongous amount of knowledge and become a qualified teacher, it is essential to fit in the allotted amount of time. It’s a daunting task to make harmony between your yoga classes, lectures, practice, and rest. By managing your time properly and planning your day well, you can avoid overwhelming yourself from the crammed schedule of the training.

2. Stay hydrated and moisturized: During your intense yoga sessions, it is imperative to keep your body hydrated and moisturized as you sweat a lot more than usual days. Always carry a water bottle along with you. On sweating, we lose our electrolytes. Simple water can’t replenish all of them. So, it is advisable to add a pinch of salt and a bit of lime juice in your water as that would replenish your body with minerals.

3. Pay attention to your body: Despite the fact that the main motive of a yoga teacher training program is becoming well-versed with yoga postures. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to perform the correct posture in the first attempt only. Listen to your body, know its limitations and give it as much time as it needs. Gradually your body will extend its limitations automatically without getting hurt or injured.

4. Practice as much as you can: Yoga teacher training is all about transforming you into a yogic expert who can perform all yoga posture with ease. To make this happen, it’s very important to practice all the yoga postures being taught to you as much you can because we all know that be it maths or yoga, practice makes you perfect.

5. Enjoy your training: In order to make your yoga training more effective and successful, one of the most important things is that you enjoy every single moment of your training. If you would take it just as any other ordinary, intensive course, you would never be able to achieve the desired outcomes. Enjoy risks, your mistakes, in-depth learning, core practices, your connection with your teacher and other peers, your food, your accommodation, enjoy each and every provision being facilitated to you. Practice like nobody’s watching, eat like you have been provided with the most delectable meals, live like you are in a palace and then see how this time become one of the best and memorable time of your life.

So, keep these little things in mind and make the most out of your yoga instructor training.

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